Thumb orthosis supports Tendonitis/Arthritis to relieve the pain


I have tendonitis maybe in my both thumb. A programmer could have this problem because we use our fingers a lot.

I’ve had an operation before because of the trigger finger in my middle finger. The finger could not move smoothly but it didn’t hurt. I had a painful injection to the middle finger but it didn’t work, so I had an operation at the time.

My thumbs hurt a little bit from time to time. If it is so strong, I should go to see a doctor but it’s not necessary now because it doesn’t hurt most of the time. But I think it’s better to let the thumbs rest to avoid overuse.

If the finger is free, it’s hard not to use it. Therefore, I bought a cool thumb supporter.

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How to check the symptom

There is an easy way whether you have a problem or not.

Put the thumb inside and hold it with the other fingers, then, bend the fist forward. If you feel pain in the wrist, you could have a problem.

Check the wrist angle too while you type on a keyboard. If it is not straight, it puts strain on the wrist. If you use a mechanical keyboard, the angle might be large because it is normally higher than a normal keyboard. In this case, I recommend using a wrist rest.

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Design of the supporter is cool

The color is black and it suits any outfit.



There are 3 belts respectively for the thumb, wrist, and the middle between the two. So, it’s easy to adjust the size of the hand.

It supports only the thumb and the other 4 fingers are completely free as you can see in the image above. You can type on the keyboard as usual. The inside of the thumb is open and it can bend to the inside. So, you can still grab your smartphone.

The inside looks like this.

The cloth and the main fabric are soft and comfortable to wear.

Two metal rods along the thumb

Some supporters don’t have any metal rods and thus it’s possible to extend the thumb even if it is covered by the supporter.
This supporter has two metal rods along the thumb line. I prefer this one because it can more strongly be fixed or prevent accidental expansion.

Even if the thumb is bumped into something, it protects from the accidental pain.

Breathable material

The material is soft and breathable. It releases moisture and heat, so it is comfortable to wear for a whole day. I also wear it while sleeping. The thumb is always the best position during the sleep and thus it will be better soon.

For both the left and right hand

This item can be used for both the left and right hand. Both thumbs can cause the same problem. Actu ally, my thumbs sometimes hurt, for example after training like push-ups or pull-ups, so it is nice for me. I don’t have to buy another one.

I think it’s good to use it for the left hand for a week followed by the right hand for a week. In this way, both thumbs can evenly be rested and it can prevent overuse.


If you also have such a problem like me but mild symptoms, you should care about it as soon as possible. I felt wrist pain when I did push-ups without any equipment. I didn’t suspect the tendonitis at the time but it is probably tendonitis. Hands and fingers are used for almost all things. I want to at least keep the current state.

It is also helpful to warm the hands. If you feel your hands get cold, try fingerless gloves.


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