Fingerless Gloves for winter works to relieve hand pain of tendonitis

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Office workers overuse their fingers because we need to create documents or write source code for the new feature of an application by using a keyboard for 8 hours. If we don’t have enough rest during the working time, it might cause a problem.

I think taking a rest often is the best way for that but I also recommend using fingerless gloves while working. Especially in winter, if it is cold in the office, the hands get cold and I guess the hands got more damaged.

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Trigger finger and thumb pain

I played the guitar for a long time and the middle finger of my left hand got a trigger finger. When I bent the finger it could smoothly bend but when I opened it, the act was interrupted by a swelling caused by inflammation due to the overuse of the finger.

If I opened it stronger, it could open. It was like a spring. The symptom occurred easily when the hand is cold but if it is warm, the symptom didn’t occur. I had an operation for the middle finger, so I haven’t had the symptom on the middle finger but other fingers could have the same symptom. I felt the signs of the symptoms several times on other fingers.

There was no pain in the middle finger but it hurts in the root of my thumb while I was working in the office. I couldn’t move the thumb, therefore, I stopped working and went to see a doctor soon. I don’t remember the treatment but currently, it has no symptoms.

I recommend using fingerless gloves for those people who have the same worry as mine.

To relieve the pain, wrist rest is also helpful.

Try to use wrist rests to reduce wrist strain
A worker normally works 8 hours a day. If there is no meeting, we use a keyboard and mouse for a longer time. Haven't yo...

Why fingerless gloves

My hands get cold in the office especially in winter even if I don’t feel it is cold for my body. If gloves cover the fingers, the fingers get slippy and finger sensation becomes dull. I sometimes need to touch screens. Fingertips need to be naked.

Not too tight but not too loose

The gloves are not too tight but not too loose. It is nicely fitting to my hands. The pressure makes the hands warmer and thus it could relieve the finger pain and prevent the symptom.

The gloves cover up to the front of the first joint.


If your finger is long, it might be different from mine but you can choose the size from S, M, and L.

Gloves with a watch

I wear Xiaomi Mi Band6.

with a watch

The Mi Band is not big, so it is no problem for me. If you are wearing a watch, this may be of some concern.

No rubbing of the palms of the hands

If I don’t wear gloves, my palm is rubbed when using a mouse. My right hand became a little bit red and the skin is thick.


If wearing gloves, the palm is slippy and thus, it is not rubbed.

with keyboard

Good durability

I’ve used it for more than 2 years but it is still in good condition. I often wear it in winter but not in summer because my hands are warm enough. It depends on the temperature.

I bought 2 pairs because I wanted to wear them every day on the working days. Another one can be used while one is washed.


It is thin but hands get warm due to the tightness. It works well as expected. Try Arthritis Compression Gloves if you have some problems in your wrist, finger, and your palm.


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