Try to use wrist rests to reduce wrist strain

wrist-rest-set Recommendations

A worker normally works 8 hours a day. If there is no meeting, we use a keyboard and mouse for a longer time. Haven’t you felt strain or tired on your wrist? If you want to improve the work environment, wrist rest is one of the good choices.

I bought Gimars wrist rest and it is quite good so far.

The package is very simple.


I opened it and set it on my desk.


It looks cool. The black color fits all environments.

It is foam and has no smell unless it is directly on your nose.


It is quite comfortable. The ground side is anti-slip.


It is a bit movable if we try to move it but it’s no problem while typing or using a mouse.

The edge of palm does not rub

I use a trackball mouse in my house but I use a normal mouse in my work office. While using the normal mouse, the edge of the palm rubs and so it is a bit red and the skin becomes thick. Look at the following picture.


It is left hand but you can understand what I meant. The red part is always on the desk while moving the mouse. As a result, it rubs many times and the skin becomes thick and red.


The left hand doesn’t have such a part but the right hand looks a bit different because I use a mouse with my right hand.

If we have a wrist rest, the edge of the palm doesn’t rub. Look at the picture below.

with wrist-rest

When using a mouse, the write is on the wrist rest. If it is not there…


As you can see, the wrist is not on the desk. The palm doesn’t rub while moving the mouse. The mouse in the picture is a trackball mouse, so it’s not necessary to move the hand but the hand doesn’t rub even if using a normal mouse.

If the wrist rest is not used, the hand is on the desk because it is hard to keep the hand in the air.


The combination of the wrist rest and the trackball mouse is the perfect fit.

Relieve the wrist burden

Most people don’t use a wrist rest. If the keyboard is thin enough or if the keyboard has a place to put hands on the same level, the wrists might not have any burden. However, if it doesn’t have such a place, stress is on the wrist. It would highly be the case if using a desktop machine instead of a laptop because a keyboard has height.

Look at the picture below.

write-rest with keyboard

The wrist is straight and it is no stress on the wrist. It looks relaxed. If the wrist rest is not there…

without-wrist-rest but hand in the air

The wrist is in the air but it’s hard to keep the position without any help. So…


The wrist is on the desk of course. As you can see, the wrist bending angle is larger than the one above. The larger the angle is, the more stress is on the wrist.

It is actually a small burden, so we might not have to care about it but many a little makes a mickle. It doesn’t immediately hurt the wrist but we don’t know the future. I believe that this kind of small care is important for the body, just as small but often refactoring can be effective.

Care body even if it is small thing

It is important to care for our bodies to keep healthy. We developers use our fingers every day, so we should care for our fingers too.
I had a trigger finger before I started my career because I played the guitar a lot. After the operation, I can bend the finger smoothly but other fingers could have the symptom too.

I got strong pain on the root of my thumb while I was working. When I tried to press a space key, it hurt my thumb. I stopped working soon and went to see a doctor. I don’t remember the treatment well but the pain was relieved and didn’t have to have an operation.

Once the body is damaged, it might not be able to recover. You don’t notice while you are healthy but if you find something strange or something that you can improve, let’s improve the situation.


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