Rainbow colored keyboard that makes typing fun


The keyboard is one of the devices that we use every day for both private and working time. It is the second-longest used device after monitors. After I bought my keyboard, I walked around my desk to check which type of keyboard is used by other people but many colleagues use a normal keyboard that is accompanied by a PC. Many people do not feel that keyboards are important.

A professional should have professional devices for the work. Musicians have expensive instruments. No musician plays with starter kits on a stage. Some might use starter kits for performance but not for their normal play.

I review HyperX Alloy Origins Core Tenkeyless Red Switches

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Switch type

There are some switch types. Each type has its own character and it’s up to you which one to choose. It is best to type the keys but if you don’t have the opportunity, you should at least know the differences.


I think I’ve used this switch type 10 years ago. This is the most clicking switch and heavy. It is fun to type the keys but it chooses the place to use because the sound is the loudest in the switch types. I think the people around you claim to you if you use this keyboard in the office.

If you use this type in your own room or place where it is not silent, no one claims.


This is the lightest switch type. It is not so clicking because it’s a light key. The sound is relatively quiet. Of course, it’s not silent but it is acceptable. I think no one claims to you if you use this in the office.

I think the hands and fingers won’t be tired with the switches.


I’ve never used this type but this is between the Blue and Red types. If you want to have clicking and the key weight, this might be the best fit for you.

HyperX switch type

You can check the details of HyperX switch type on the official site. If you want to know more, check the following resource.

HyperX | High Quality Gaming Gear
HyperX is a brand committed to making sure every gamer feels they are included. No matter who you are, or what you play,...
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Alloy Origin Core Review

Package looks as follows. 2 Years warranty.


The backside


There are three switch types for this model. I chose the Red switch because I don’t want to have a loud keyboard.



The color is all black on the surface.

The switches can be seen from the side.

Lighting Rainbow color

If your work is boring, you need to somehow make it fun. I recommend this keyboard to you.

As you can see, the keyboard has a lighting feature! The color is rainbow and its color flows from left to right side. Look at the second picture.

The color layout is different from the one above.

If this keyboard is on your work desk in the office, it stands out from others. Your colleagues definitely speak to you. This feature makes typing fun.

I think the looks are important to choosing a keyboard. If we have attractive devices, we can probably work in a good mood because using those devices is fun.

USB type-c connection to the device

I first thought it was better to have a Bluetooth connection because a wire is not needed and the desk is tidier. However, I reconsider it. It might not send some key types or have some latency in some cases. I don’t want to have such cases even if it rarely happens.

If the connection is USB, we don’t have to worry about it. See the picture below.

USB connection port

The hole is for the USB type-c. It can be disconnected and thus, it is portable. If the cable is not detachable, we have to buy another device if the cable is broken but we can easily replace the USB cable if it’s broken.

The USB cable is in the package and the length is about 170cm. I’m 170cm and the cable length was about left hand to right hand.

The USB is type-c for one side but another side is USB type-A.

Height adjustment

The height is adjustable depending on your preference. The possible angles are 3/7/11 degrees.

height adjustment

I prefer the highest setting because the distance to the upper keys becomes a little bit shorter than the lower height settings.

Relatively quiet sound

The typing sound is relatively quiet in mechanical keyboards. I use the keyboard in the early morning while my wife is sleeping but she hasn’t said it’s loud. Of course, the door is closed.

The frequencies are not so high. Therefore, the sound is not keen to the ears.

Light key-touch and the key layout

The key touch is light. The keys hit smoothly and it makes typing fun. I feel less finger fatigue even after long hours of use.

Look at the picture. The key height is well considered.

To type numbers and Function keys, fingers need to be stretched because the keys are a bit distant. To reduce the burden, the height of the keys at the top of the keyboard is slightly high. It looks really slight difference but the maker considers these small things as well!! It is a great thing, isn’t it?

My laptop keyboard is a Japanese key layout but this is a US layout. I’ve used the US keyboard since I came to Germany and I feel it’s easier to write code with the US keyboard because often used keys are in good positions and unnecessary keys don’t exist on the US keyboard. Especially, I like the positions of double quotations and quotations.

US keyboard

US layout

Japanese keyboard

Japanese layout

We have to press shift + 2 or shift + 7. The marks are often used for string, so the US keyboard is easier to type.


I’m very satisfied with this keyboard. The looks and the typing experience are both great. If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard to improve your typing experience, I recommend this keyboard.

HyperX Alloy Origins Core Tenkeyless Red Switches


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