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How to connect to a scanner with Golang on Linux

You need to configure udev rule correctly to connect to a USB device on Linux. If you are a Windows user, you also need to setup a VM. Then, implement Go app!

TypeScript Remove elements from an object array

Remove method doesn't exist on Array interface. So we need to implement it ourselves. This article explains how to remove elements from number/string/object array.
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How to connect USB devices to a VirtualBox VM

VirtualBox supports only USB 1.1 by default. You need to install extension packages if you want to use USB 2.0 or 3.0.
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Other techs

Connect a USB device to WSL without admin privilege

I tried to connect a USB device to WSL by following the official way but it didn't work. This post explains how to make it work without admin privileges. This is a hack.

Python Set value for many properties if it is not None

It is not good to write Null check as many properties as we need. It should be written in a single place. Define a function and call it for the necessary properties.

Implementation of D Way Heap in TypeScript

Explains how D-way heap works and how it can be implemented in TypeScript. If you need to update/remove an element, it does it in a very short time.

FATAL ERROR: invalid array length Allocation failed

Isn't there an infinite loop in your code? Don't you edit an array in the loop? If so, use the copy instead.

TypeScript Find the lowest missing number in an array

It explains how to find the lowest missing number in an array. Not only for an array that starts with 0 but also starts with an arbitrary value. Furthermore, the step between the values can change.

Python Reconstruct dictionary by splitting a formatted key string

The module that I used returned a dictionary but it didn't have any nested objects. It looks like this below. data =...

Python install Poetry in Docker container with VSCode

It took me a while to find out how to poetry install in Docker container with VSCode. So, I wrote this article for othe...
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