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Dart and Flutter

Dart How to setup devcontainer for gRPC

The official side shows examples but you might run into some problems to setup the environment in devcontainer. Let's setup the env with me to save your time.

Golang Mock File System for unit testing by afero

It's often problematic to create a test directory or file on the actual file system because they are need to be deleted after each test. Don't stop it. Let's use afero package to do it on the memory.

Python Find the fastest way to access a property for performance

Which structure is the fastest way to access a property? Let's compare the different structures and choose the fastest one for performance tuning.
Other techs

How to copy files from Windows to Linux running in Virtual Box

I struggled to copy files from Windows Host to Linux running in VM. Setup the shared folder Set up a folder path where w...

Golang How to define gRPC message to contain mixed data type in an array

Check the following post first if you have not prepared a dev-env for gRPC in Go lang. In this post, we will go through ...

Golang gRPC unary, stream, bidirectional RPC examples

gRPC has 4 types of functions. This post covers all the functions to explain how to implement them. Let's a

Golang How to filter a Slice with Generics

Golang doesn't provide utility functions for Slice. It's easy to implement filter to filter the element but it should be implemented with Generics. Let's check how to do it.

Golang Generics type constraints with interface and Tilda

How can we implement if an extended type (Type Definition) needs to be covered by interface for Generics? Let's define an interface with Tilda!

Golang How to start using gRPC in devcontainer

gRPC is one of the nice tools when two applications need to be communicated with each other. It's not hard to implement ...

TypeScript/JavaScript Filter array of objects by property value

An array often needs to be filtered by a condition. That can easily be done filter function that is implemented in Array...
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