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Git How to undo a commit to remove some modifications

Everyone can make a mistake. How can we undo a commit when we push a commit by mistake? How can we revert a commit from the middle of the history when the commit is no longer needed?

Python Access a class property by the name without dot chaining

In some cases, a key string needs to be used to read property. How can it be done in Python? Use setattr, getattr, and hasattr functions

Python How to trim unnecessary letters from a string

Are unnecessary spaces contained in a string? Then, let's trim them by using strip. It can be used not only for spaces but also for arbitrary characters.
Dart and Flutter

Flutter Select rows on DataTable with the control/shift key

It's typical behavior that the multiple rows can be selected by the control key or shift key on a Desktop application. How can we implement it in Flutter? Use KeyboardListener to detect the key event. Then, control the selection depending on whether the key is being pressed or not.
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Git How to update all repos in a directory

Are there many git repositories to update? This post is for you if you don't want to change the directory and git pull many times. Let's update them at once with find and xargs commands.
Dart and Flutter

Flutter How to delete a row on DataTable by Delete button

When showing data on DataTable, we might want to have a feature that deletes selected rows by pressing a Delete key. How is it possible? Use KeyboardListener.I will show you where to put the widget and how to use it in this post.
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Linux How to rename multiple files at once

I want to rename multiple files in the same directory at once with index. How can I do it on Linux? Let's combine use for-loop and ls command. Then, rename it in the loop.

Golang How to convert string to float, int

Do you want a cheat sheet to know how to convert value to another data type? This article covers what you want.

Python Use lambda to create a function for simple logic

Using lambda is a good choice if a function requires a callback parameter and the logic in the callback is quite simple. Let's learn how to use it if you don't know it.

Python 4 ways to remove duplicates from an object list

Do you need to remove duplicates from a list? This post covers not only a literal list but also an object list. If it's an object list, it's harder to remove duplicates than the literal version. Let's check how to implement it!