error C2039 ‘Buffer’ is not a member of ‘node’

When I ran a build for C++ code by node-gyp, the following error occurred. $ npm run build > module-name@2.9.14 ...

How to start Unit Testing in TypeScript with mocha and chai

Writing unit tests is an important step to be an intermediate developer from a beginner. The developers who can't write...
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Setup a port forwarding by batch file

I needed to set up a port forwarding to access a machine via another machine. The setting was reset whenever the machin...
Dart and Flutter

Dart Convert String to int with default value on failure

There are some cases in which a string needs to be converted to int/double. How can we do it in Dart? We can use the...
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Bash fails in Gradle task on Azure pipeline with windows-2022

Azure pipeline, CI, continuous integration

Which info should be written to a log file

No application is perfect. All applications have bugs, unexpected and strange behaviors. They might be a small thing bu...

Chai Object array comparison

I needed to write tests for object array but I spent time on how to write it. I write down how to do it to save my time...

NPM How to pin dependency version of a dependency

If you are looking for a solution to pin a dependency of a dependency, you can use npm-force-resolutions.Let's see the ...
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How to debug no console app with nssm

I needed to debug an application that is run as a windows service registered by nssm. The behavior that I wanted to inv...
Dart and Flutter

Flutter Date and Time picker without additional dependencies

There are many packages in for date time picker but Flutter offers beautiful date and time pickers. We actually...
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