Dart and Flutter

Dart How to remove duplicates by key-values in object list (Distinct)

list.toSet method doesn't work as expected for an object list to get unique object list? Then, let's add index parameter to the callback of list.where so that we can remove duplicates by key-values.
Dart and Flutter

Implementing Bloom Filter in Dart

Bloom Filter can save memory and improve performance. Let's learn how it's implemented in Dart and how it can be used in an example!
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Linux How to add custom commands

You always want to use an easier command but some steps need to be done or some parameters need to be specified for a specific task. Let's create our own custom command to enable us to do the job with one command.
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Golang How to differentiate between Context cancel and timeout

This post explains how to use Context for the process cancellation or timeout. Furthermore, it shows you how to implement it if you want to keep the process but want to introduce Timeout in it.

Golang Async/Await implementation with Goroutine and Channel

Golang offers Goroutine and Channel to make Async implementation easy.
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Linux How to enable case-insensitive and double tab key presses in Terminal

Some nice features for Terminal are disabled by default. Let's enable it to make our lives easier.
Other techs

Linux How to add a group to a user

Do you get a permission error because the current user is not in the target group? Let's check the current setting and add the group to the user.
Other techs

KeePass2 shows garbled characters on Linux Mint

KeePass2 doesn't show Japanese characters as expected because the default font doesn't support it! It needs to be configured correctly depending on your language.

Implementing Treap data structure in TypeScript

This post explains what Treap is and how it can be implemented in detail. It is often used for the implementation of dictionary and set. It's worth knowing.

Golang Unmarshal json without struct definition

Json format is often used when using REST API or when you want to write the content of a struct to the log. This post explains how to define the struct and show you the result.
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