async/await with Promise in TypeScript

Using promise makes the code much faster. This post explains the basic and advanced usage.

Unit test for singleton class

Singleton class problem in terms of tests Do you write tests for singleton class too? If the logic is simple enough ...
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Start Powershell with specified execution policy without changing default

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Using spread operator for process.env

I faced strange behavior when I used spread operator for process.env. In my project, our main source is Typescript but ...

How to write good unit tests?

Unit Test makes your software better in terms of not only quality but also class structure because you need to separate...

Dev Environment in Docker Container

When we try something new we need to install something and then remove it if it is no longer necessary but our PC will g...

Dependency injection in Typescript

Dependency Injection is one of important techniques to develop testable software. This technique which passes the depen...
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