A good way to write our own Node-RED node for the testability

I have used Node-RED for more than 3 years for my working project. I came up with a good idea to write our own node for...

Node-RED flow test is slow if flow is big

I have tried several times to reduce test time of Node-RED flow test and failed. For the flow test, I use node-red-node...

How to implement Node-RED node in TypeScript

The official site describes how to implement our own node in JavaScript. However, I don't find a page for TypeScript. I...

Tips to reduce Node-RED flow conflicts

It's hard to avoid merge conflicts when using Node-RED in a big project. I have fought against merge conflicts many tim...

Node-RED node test fails when using sinon.useFakeTimer

Node-RED test fails when replacing timer related functions. Our own node derives Node-RED node and it calls setImmediat...

How to write Node-RED flow test

When I search about testing for Node-RED flow official page appears on the top of the result. It explains how to write ...
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