Start Docker from scratch

Docker is widely used but I haven't used it in my career. However, it is one of very useful softwares so it's time to le...

Difference between for, while, forEach, for-in and for-of

A lot of languages support several ways for loop logic. Typescript supports following ways for example.whileforfor in fo...

async/await with Promise in TypeScript

Using promise makes the code much faster. This post explains the basic and advanced usage.

How to write unit tests for a singleton class

Once a static field value changes in unit tests, the change applies to other tests because it's static. It's important to split it into two classes. One class has the main logic and the other stores the class to provide it as singleton.
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Dependency injection in Typescript. Constructor? Setter? Factory method?

Decoupling class relationships is important for unit testing. Less cohesion makes writing unit tests easier. This post shows 3 ways to do it. Constructor injection, setter injection, and using the factory method to inject the desired instance.